Tuesday, January 21, 2014

date night

OH MY GOSH. I cannot believe it is January 21st already. This year is already going by so fast! These last couple weeks have been jam packed with a ton of fun and a ton of nothing. We have spent most our days at home reading books, coloring and catching up on some serious cuddles on the couch!
However, it had been a while since my son and I had done anything together.  I know he needs some special time with either my husband or I when damn near every other word coming out of his mouth is "MINE" or "NO". His little sister has broken two molars in the last month...so you can imagine the chaos my little home has endured during the holidays.
SO when I saw Mickey's Rockin' Music Festival was coming to town you bet I was on the phone with my husband faster than you can even imagine! He didn't argue when I asked if I could do date night with Kanon while him and Kyah spent some time together...since it hasn't really happened yet (she is kind of a mama's girl!)
We shared a wonderful evening filled with DQ treats and overly priced Disney apparel from the show with some of our best friends!
 We seriously had a BLAST!
And this little girl...

She had SO much fun with her dad, and he had just as much of a good time as she did! She hung out with the guys and thought she was pretty cool sitting in their trucks!
My husband is so sweet he even gave me a mama's dinner out this last Friday. And let me tell you, it was just what I needed. My girls and I shared so many funny stories and laughs at dinner. They all sipped on some yummy adult beverages while I treated myself to a virgin margarita with salt, Y U M. Although we were timed, we all had such a good time and vowed to keep those dinners up!
Needless to say its been quite a fun year already and its only starting. Now...if I can just get my man and I to the spa this weekend for our massages we got eachother for Christmas...that would be the cherry on top of my January!
Hope you are having a wonderful week!


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